‘The Legend of Chachi’ opens in Canada, Philippines with the return of a popular tourist attraction

In its first week of operation, the popular “The Legend Of Chachi” resort in Bali, Indonesia, has drawn more than 60,000 visitors from across the world and is expected to draw even more in the months to come.

The popular Bali resort’s attraction has attracted more than 80,000 people in the first week, which has exceeded the resort’s capacity and is now at a record-high level, according to Tourism Minister Peter Jokowi.

The attraction, which opened in 2011 and is still going strong, features a giant, hand-crafted chachi and is located in a village called Chachi, a resort town in the Pampanga province of Bali.

The resort’s first attraction, dubbed “The King of Chachas,” has been around for years.

But it had its own set of challenges when it was opened, and many people were unhappy with its lack of quality.

The first season of the attraction, “The Kingdom,” was plagued with delays and was forced to shut down, Jokotas said.

“When we opened, we thought that people would want to come, but many of the people we have now say that they don’t want to go,” he said.

“So we have to try our best to make sure that people are happy.

And I think that the best way to do that is to bring in more quality.”

With the resort reopening this week, more than a million visitors have come to visit the resort since it opened in 2015, Jomotas told reporters.

The attractions are popular among Bali’s tourist industry, with more than 1,300 of the resorts more than 200,000 rooms.

“There are many people who come to Bali because of Chichas, because they enjoy being in a resort and they want to see more,” Jomots said.

A total of $30 million of the Bali Tourism Investment Plan is earmarked for the resort, including $15 million for the first season.

Jomotans government hopes the tourism sector will benefit from the resort opening, and he is confident that it will help the Banias economy and tourism industry.

“We have been working for years on this project, and it is really starting to pay off,” Jomo said.

“It’s not only about making money, it’s also about providing quality for the Bamias people.”

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