What are some of the most popular resorts in Dubai?

In this installment of TalkSport’s Dubai travel guide, we take a look at the most visited and most popular attractions in the UAE. 

Dubai is a great city for travellers with lots to see and do.

It has plenty of places to go and do everything from shopping to dining to swimming and even sunbathing.

It’s also home to many famous resorts, some of which are just minutes away. 

As well as its rich history, the city has a wealth of cultural heritage and heritage-inspired attractions that offer visitors a taste of the past.

Here are some highlights from Dubai: Dubay Hotel & Resort – Located in a beautiful historic city centre, the Hotel & Resorts Dubai is the largest hotel and resort in the country, and is home to over 6,000 rooms. 

The hotel is the world’s first luxury hotel to feature the World Heritage-listed hotel lobby, and the world-renowned Royal Garden.

The hotel boasts an amazing collection of iconic landmarks including the Taj Mahal, the Grand Mosque, the Great Mosque of Makkah, and numerous cultural landmarks and attractions. 

One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to visit the Barges Garden, the world famous garden in the heart of the city, where it is home for thousands of visitors each year. 

Mazda Palace – One of the tallest and most glamorous structures in the world, the Mazdas Palace is the tallest structure in the United Arab Emirates, and was built in 1885. 

With a spectacular view over the Arabian Gulf and the skyline of Dubai, the palace is a must-see for any tourist. 

Its the best place to see the sunrise in the morning, or even to go for a leisurely walk around the grounds. 

Oasis Sands Hotel – One the most sought-after resorts in the city for the weekend, Oasis Sands Resort is the place to be when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

Located in the famous Red Sea resort, the hotel is open every day, and offers the best views in the Middle East. 

Located just a few minutes away from the Dubai International Airport, it offers easy access to all the major cities in the region. 

Stay safe in Dubai with our free safety guide.

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