How to survive the Colorado Avalanche storm

The Colorado Avalanche’s winds will reach new heights on Friday as the storms intensity and strength surge through the mountains, and even the snowpack is expected to dip below normal.

The National Weather Service has issued a “no travel” zone for much of the state from midnight until 5 a.m.

ET on Friday, while some areas will also be closed.

Avalanche conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days.

Colorado has been in a “snow-free zone” since Thursday, but the snowfall is expected still to be a challenge, with the National Weather Services office predicting more than half the snow could fall in the state by the weekend.

Avalanche conditions will worsen in areas where there’s been significant snowfall, including the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder, and the mountains around the cities of Greeley, Denver, Durango and Durango.

Snow accumulations can reach 3 feet or more in places and can extend into the upper 20s inches in the mountains.

In the Denver area, snowfall could reach 4 feet.

In Boulder, it could reach 5 feet.

Snow totals in the Denver metro area will be closer to 2 feet.

The Colorado Avalanche National Park has declared a “freeze-in zone” in parts of the park and has warned that any efforts to enter the park are strictly prohibited.

The Park Service has also declared an “unusual high risk” in the vicinity of the airport and other critical areas.

The Park Service issued a new “sudden snow” advisory.

“The potential for severe weather is greater than ever, with severe storms occurring in the western Rockies and central Colorado in the future,” said the Park Service.

“The threat is increased by high wind speeds and snowfall totals that could reach a high of 10 to 20 feet.”

The National Park Service also warned that the Colorado River could overflow its banks into the Grand Canyon.

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