What to know about the latest on wintergreen resort

AUSTRALIA’S most popular wintergreen vacation resort has shut down its doors.

The iconic resort at the iconic Snowtown in Tasmania, which opened in 2011, has been closed for maintenance since November and the closure is affecting a number of guests.

Wintergreen is famous for its resort-style, family-friendly outdoor experience and it is not uncommon for guests to come up to the hotel and try the “ice cream” before leaving.

The resort was open for business last year but the closure means guests are stuck in a long queue for a meal or a cab ride to the resort.

“It’s quite frustrating,” Snowtown CEO Tony Viscuso said.

“We’re expecting to be down to about 200 guests in the coming weeks.”

A number of our guests are still in the queue.

“Wintergreen’s main attraction is the snowmobile track, a popular tourist attraction with locals, families and visitors.”

The snowmobile tracks are a great way to get around the resort,” Mr Viscoso said on Thursday.”

They’re located a good distance from the main resort and they can be pretty exciting to see.

“Winter Green Resort and Spa manager Paul Hough said staff were looking at the options to re-open but the wait had been long.”

There’s a lot of people who are waiting in the queues, we are trying to accommodate that,” Mr Hough told AAP.”

I’ve got some new guests coming in from Australia and a lot more are coming in in the winter months, so it’s been quite a struggle.

“Mr Hough also said the resort’s main attractions were still open.”

WinterGreen closed its doors in 2011 and has been in the process of refurbishing the property.”

They’re doing great in the snow and we’ve got a really busy winter.”

WinterGreen closed its doors in 2011 and has been in the process of refurbishing the property.

A spokesman for the Snowtown Tourism Development Corporation (STDC), which owns the property, said it was an exciting time to be back in Tasmania.

“You can still walk around Snowtown,” Mr Gough said.

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