The world’s cheapest vacation resort in the U.S. will soon have a price tag of $20,000 per night

San Diego, CA—May 26, 2019—The world’s biggest resort, the San Diego Aquarium, has raised its price to $20 a night, a move that could save the resort more than $2 billion in the next five years.

The Aquarium’s annual revenue is about $1 billion and has grown rapidly since its inception in the early 1990s.

Its flagship park is among the most popular attractions in the world.

The Aquarium is located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, just a few hours from San Diego and Orange County, California, and is the second-most visited theme park in the United States.

The San Diego-based aquarium, which has a population of 4 million, is the largest marine park in North America, with about 5 million visitors a year.

It has about 4 million guests each year.

The aquarium was founded in 1903 by a group of philanthropists including Robert C. Corman and his wife, Dorothy, and their children, who were both avid outdoorsmen.

It is a world-renowned marine research facility that is part of the National Marine Sanctuary.

The aquarium is the only one of the Aquariums main parks to offer guests a daily or weekly pass to an underwater life-size aquarium for a fee.

The annual pass is a $40,000 purchase for adults and $20 for children under six.

A daily pass costs $40 and an annual pass, $50, is $60.

The new price hike comes amid rising costs in the park’s two biggest categories.

Last year, the park paid more than 2.5 million visitors more than double its annual ticket price.

The parks biggest specialty, the sea-ice area, has seen a sharp increase in cost, according to a statement released by the Aquaria in May.

The park is currently offering guests a day pass for $25 a day.

But the Aquarena will begin charging $20 per day on May 10, 2019.

That will be a $2,000 price increase.

The park is also raising prices for a few other major attractions, including the Discovery Cove Aquarium on the Pacific Coast Highway and the Discovery River Aquarium.

The price increase comes just months after the Aquariana reported that its revenue for the year was down $1.7 billion to $8.9 billion.

The company also reported a decline in visitors, which it attributed to “changes in visitor demographics and other factors.”

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