How to save money at a resort, but stay out of trouble

Breaking the rules and making fun of people can pay off.

Here are some tips to get you on the right track, according to an exclusive report from Axios.1.

Be a gentleman.2.

Get out of the way.3.

Do what you need to do to get the job done.4.

Be patient.5.

Have fun.6.

Never, ever, use alcohol or drugs.7.

Don’t give up.8.

Listen to your instincts.9.

Don´t go into a hotel room without your guests present.10.

Know what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line.11.

Make sure your luggage is secure before you enter.12.

If you need help, don´t ask for help.13.

Dress appropriately.14.

Have a good time.15.

Get back to basics.16.

Be respectful.17.

Stay away from the beach.18.

Be careful when it comes to your food.19.

Be mindful of your surroundings.20.

Have some fun!21.

Donât let yourself be overwhelmed by everything going on around you.22.

Don t forget your hygiene.23.

Use the bathroom on your own.24.

Don a t-shirt or sweatshirt that youve never worn before.25.

Learn to swim.26.

Have the right equipment.27.

If it gets cold, use your cooler.28.

Be prepared for rain.29.

Donôt forget to turn on the fan before going inside.30.

Dont get too comfortable in your room.31.

Be aware of the weather outside your room, especially when it gets really cold.32.

Don�t stay up all night.33.

Dress for the weather.34.

Know the rules.35.

Wear earplugs.36.

Keep your room clean.37.

Make the best use of your time.38.

Donate your time to a good cause.39.

Donít take anything for granted.40.

Learn what to do for a living.41.

Be kind to your neighbors.42.

Be responsible.43.

Keep up your hygiene habits.44.

Don.t forget the time you spend in the bathroom.45.

Be considerate of the people around you and the environment.46.

Learn how to use your cell phone.47.

Make friends with the people in your life.48.

DonÕt let others take advantage of you.49.

Don•t get into trouble.50.

Be consistent.51.

Be polite.52.

Know how to treat others.53.

Know where to go for help if you need it.54.

Learn about the law and take precautions.55.

Stay up-to-date on your health.56.

Learn the basics of emergency medical care.57.

Keep yourself busy.58.

Be grateful for the opportunity to be with others.59.

Be flexible and flexible with your schedule.60.

Learn your rights and responsibilities.61.

Keep things moving.62.

Learn more about your right to privacy.63.

Know your rights.64.

Learn basic life skills.65.

Know about the dangers of tobacco.66.

Don an a plexi visor.67.

Learn where to get help if something happens to you.68.

Know when you can call 911.69.

Know basic rules of personal space.70.

Know why people leave.71.

Know whether you should use a ride-share service.72.

Know a local taxi company.73.

Know that your insurance will not cover the costs of emergency care.74.

Know if you have to pay taxes.75.

Know which cities have city parking.76.

Know to get a license to drive a motor vehicle.77.

Know important safety rules.78.

Know more about the use of body cameras.79.

Know all of the ways that people in a hurry can hurt themselves.80.

Know better where to find a parking spot.81.

Know in advance what to wear.82.

Know best ways to keep yourself safe.83.

Know some basic safety tips.84.

Know an upcoming holiday.85.

Know who is allowed to use public transportation.86.

Know local laws.87.

Know of other cities that have similar laws.88.

Know other local laws and regulations.89.

Know city laws regarding alcohol and drugs.90.

Know law regarding smoking in bars.91.

Know state laws concerning the use and possession of marijuana.92.

Know any other local restrictions.93.

Know police and fire codes and ordinances.94.

Know rules and regulations regarding smoking and smoking equipment.95.

Know safety and health laws and rules.96.

Know good practices for staying safe at a hotel.97.

Know and obey local laws concerning parking.98.

Know proper ways to dispose of your hotel room waste.99.

Know common safety rules regarding alcohol, tobacco, pets and hazardous waste.100. Know

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