How to escape the tropical heat wave: A guide to the best spots in Daytona Beach

On this day in 2017, the sun is shining in Daytona.

But it’s the heat that’s taking a toll.

The National Weather Service is warning that the city of Daytona Beach could see a heat wave by Monday.

This is the hottest time of year in the state of Florida.

In fact, the hottest day in the entire state was recorded at the end of October when the temperature reached 104 degrees.

“We’ve had about 20 days that have had temperatures above 100 degrees in Daytona,” said Mark Davis, a meteorologist with the National Weather Services.

“That’s unprecedented for us in the last 50 years.”

Davis told WINK News that there are some areas that could see temperatures as high as 100 degrees.

But the weather conditions for Daytona Beach are much more extreme than any other city in Florida.

“If you’re in Daytona, it’s going to be hot, hot, and wet,” Davis said.

“The rain is coming, it will be the humidity, and we have a chance to cool off.

The other thing we’re seeing is that the water will be extremely high.

That water is going to have a much more intense effect on the weather than the average temperature.”

Davis says it could take a few days for the temperature to drop, but he’s hopeful that the rain will lessen over the next few days.

“It’s very important to have cool water.

That’s going the water.

We’re seeing it here in Daytona on the beach, and I know we’ve had a couple showers this morning, and it’s still pouring,” he said.

Davis says temperatures will likely reach the triple digits in Daytona by the middle of next week.

But for now, Davis says staying cool is important.

“Even if you’re really looking to cool down, you’re not going to get very warm.

You’re going to feel cold, but you’ll be fine.

You’ll just be able to get your sweat on,” he told Wink News.

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