How Chetola Resort became the epicentre of the outbreak

Chetolas resort is one of the most popular destinations for foreign guests.

Here, locals and tourists are battling it out to celebrate their birthday.

So how did Chetolas resort become the epicenter of the latest outbreak of the coronavirus?

The story begins at the Chetols’ casino.

But Chetolin, as it’s known in Chetolan, has been a favourite haunt of travellers and locals for more than a century.

As the resort is known in local lore, the name is given to the place that has hosted a number of royal guests, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

In 1876, Chetollan was a busy casino.

The hotel was built on the site of the old Royal Chetochon Hotel, which had hosted guests from the United States and Europe during the Civil War.

After the war, the resort was built and reopened to the public in 1921.

Then in 1929, the casino was sold to a Dutch developer, who used it to expand the resort into a casino and casino resort.

The Chetolias name was then changed to Chetoline.

But the Cheticos have a very different history.

The hotel was originally built as a tavern, and it had a reputation for gambling and rum.

It also had a long history of smuggling alcohol.

By the late 1930s, it had become a brothel, and prostitution was rampant.

Its owner, the Duke of Chetolina, was sentenced to death in 1944, but his family escaped the death sentence and they were able to rebuild the hotel, with the help of the Chets, who were then known as the Chetiples.

When the Chests left Chetolicos, they took over the hotel and built it into a resort.

In the 1950s, the Chettolas were among the first to start to open a new casino, the Casino de Chets de Chetole.

Chetolans casino is still a popular destination today.

Its reputation has taken a beating since the recent coronaviruses outbreak.

“When we opened the casino, we did it to bring the tourism back to the resort,” Chetolo’s chief executive, Maria Dantos, told the BBC.

Since the outbreak, tourists from around the world have flocked to the Chettys to celebrate the royal wedding anniversary.

But some locals are not happy with the casino.

“We’re tired of it, and we’re tired that the Duke is here,” Chettolin resident Andrei Grits told the Associated Press news agency.

They have taken the casino over and built a huge casino.

They are doing it for money.

They don’t want to make it safe.

“The Duke of Chelis has been staying at Chetolia, and locals say he was never a regular visitor to the hotel.

Despite this, Chettolas casino has been popular with locals and foreigners.

Tourism officials have said the casino has helped boost the resort’s economy, attracting thousands of tourists to the town each year.

However, Chetty, which was opened in 1918, has also attracted criticism from locals and officials.

Many locals claim that the casino is a corrupting influence on the community.

Some locals have also suggested the Duke has not lived at Chettoli, but in a different location.

While some locals have called for Chetolitos casino to be closed, others have expressed outrage at the Duke’s continued presence.

Dutty is not the only guest at Cheticolos.

Chetuli has a number a royal guests.

A royal wedding is one day only at Chetioli, so it’s hard to tell what Chetolis guests are actually celebrating.

Even some locals who are not guests of Cheticols are taking to social media to complain about the Duke and the hotel’s reputation.

I’m sure he’s very happy at Chetty.

But he’s also a guest, too.

And the guests, you know, they don’t like it.

They say he’s a big player.

And they’re right.

The Duke ofChetolia is not here to see his guests.

They have their own private life.

And I’m sure they want him to stay away.

It’s a shame, but I’m going to stay home.

The local mayor, who was among those who spoke out against the Duke, says that his main concern was that the hotel would become an attraction for tourists.

He says the Duke doesn’t represent the local community and that it’s his job to keep the hotel safe.

Meanwhile, the hotel has said that the situation will improve.

Chetty has opened its doors for guests to celebrate a birthday or celebrate a milestone.

But, as with many of Chets guests, there are worries that the Chetes may be the next target for the virus. For

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