Which are the most expensive hotels in Australia?

The biggest hotel brands in Australia have been putting out their latest rankings, with hotels from Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens to Sunshine Coast’s Sunshine Coast Hotel Group getting a look at their ranking.

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Here are the top five hotels, according to their annual sales and room rates, according with the latest data.1.

Royal Botanical Gardens Hotel Group4.

Sunshine Coast Resort Hotel Group3.

Sunshine Gardens Hotel, Sunshine Coast4.

Northbridge Hotel Group5.

Sunshine Bay Hotel Group1.

Royal Botanical Garden HotelGroup1.AAP/ABC2.AIM/ABC3.AIT/ABC4.ABC5.AIP/AICCThe latest list, which was compiled by the hotel industry group, was published by Hotel Industry Australia, the Australian Hotel & Resort Association, Australian Hospitality Association, Tourism Australia and Australian Hotel Industry Federation on Thursday.

While there’s been plenty of growth in the hotel market, the hotels are struggling to stay ahead of the competition.

The Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Gardens hotels are still enjoying an upswing in business, according the latest figures, with a further increase forecast for 2017.

The Australian Hospital, Food & Wine Association (AHAWA) said the hotel group had been hit hard by the winter storms, with revenue down 40 per cent and rooms booked down 41 per cent.

“In 2017, the Sunshine Coast resort hotel group suffered a significant downturn in occupancy rates,” it said in a statement.

“While our resort group is on track to post a healthy 2017, hotel room occupancy has been severely impacted by the severe weather, which led to many hotels being forced to close their doors and limit their occupancy.”

Due to the negative impact on the tourism industry, the AHAWA has recommended that the resort hotel industry undertake further measures to protect the hospitality industry from further negative impacts.

“The Sunshine Gardens hotel has been a target for criticism over its lack of luxury suites, with some customers saying it lacked proper kitchens and hot tubs.

The resort has a new chef on staff, with new facilities including a bar and restaurant, but said the situation remained precarious.

The group has also faced criticism for not providing adequate facilities to accommodate families with children.

The AHA WA said that while there were no data on how many people stayed in the hotels over the holidays, a survey of customers showed there was a large majority who were happy with the hotels, but had not been able to stay.

The new owner of the Sunshine Gardens resort, Peter Jolliffe, told ABC Radio Melbourne that it was “not a matter of having a bad winter, but more that the hotel is not prepared to accommodate all of our guests and it needs to be ready to accommodate those that need to stay.”

The hotel group’s latest sales and rooms figures show it’s expected to see a further revenue drop in 2017 as the summer season gets underway.

However, the group said it was still able to maintain occupancy rates of around 20 per cent in summer, with an average of around 400 rooms per night.

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