What are the most controversial ‘sandals resort’ locations?

The most controversial resorts at Wyndham and Wyndhan resort in Wyndha, North Wales, were built over decades with little to no consultation with the local community. 

The first resort, built in 1972, was the biggest in the resort chain, with more than 5,000 rooms. 

But in the early 1980s, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) started a project to build a hotel at the site and had to give the community the go-ahead to change the name to Wyndhan. 

The RIBA, which has its headquarters in London, has since been criticised for having a conflict of interest when it comes to development in Wales. 

They have been criticised by local residents and others who say the hotel is being used for luxury hotel rooms and that the RIBA is being given a preferential status by the Government. 

In 2014, a new hotel opened in the village and was described by residents as a “sandals paradise”. 

A local councillor, Paul Glynne, said the development was a “shameful attempt” to take advantage of the area and to “sell Wyndhall” to wealthy investors. 

A group of residents from the village has also called for the RIRA to be banned from any future development projects in the area. 

Last month, the RIHA apologised for not providing enough information to the community, which included the location of the hotel, the number of rooms and the identity of the developer. 

“We have apologised to everyone concerned,” the RIZA said.

“The RIZA will now undertake an internal review of all its development activities and make recommendations to the relevant authorities.” 

A spokesperson for the Royal Welsh Show and Exhibitions (RWS) said: “We take our obligations to all our partners and residents very seriously. 

We recognise the concerns raised by the community at Wyddham, and the local authority have taken this matter very seriously.” 

The local authority said it would also be taking legal action against the RIASA for “false and misleading information” about the hotel. 

Wyddham and Yiddishtown Resort are among the more than 30 “sandal resorts” in Wales, with Wyndah and Wyddhans resort being the largest. 

More to come.

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