How you can save £1 on a hotel in Bahia resort

BAHIA (Reuters) – You can save money on your next stay at a Bahia hotel by saving your booking by credit card or by using your credit card to pay the bill, the hotel operator said on Thursday.

Bahia, one of the countrys largest resorts, has been under fire for some of its high occupancy rate policies, which have been criticised by some as being discriminatory towards some sections of its guests.

The resort chain has said the policy changes have had a positive impact on its business.

It has said it is not seeking to stop the policy change, which comes into force from Friday.

The new rules require hotel owners to book guests on credit cards in advance, so guests can be charged more for their rooms, and allow guests to book multiple rooms at the same time, in addition to charging for each individual room.

It is not the first time the resort chain, which has close to 20,000 rooms, has come under criticism for its policies.

Bahias hotels in the last two years have seen a rise in cancellations and staff shortages, but the resort operator has defended the policy, saying it is aimed at reducing the risk of guests staying late and disrupting the hotel environment.

The company said that in the past, customers were often turned away by a “misplaced” card and the resort was forced to turn away some guests who did not have a card.

Bahian President Mohamed Nasheed has previously said he wants to make Bahia one of South Africa’s leading tourist destinations, but his government is yet to introduce a national card.

(Reporting by Tom Fenton; Writing by Misha Kheder; Editing by Michael Perry)

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