Disney Polynesian Resort in Brighton, NY, is the newest addition to the Walt Disney World Resort, with new resort in the works

Disney Polynesia Resort in the beautiful and pristine town of Brighton, New Zealand is the latest addition to Walt DisneyWorld Resort.

A couple of months ago, a new resort was unveiled, which would include the new resort and the current Disney Polynésian Resort.

The new resort will be located at the corner of Brighton Road and Lake George Road, just north of the main resort area, which has a resort-like atmosphere.

It will also include a resort dining experience, an indoor ski area, an outdoor pool and even a restaurant.

It is being built by Disney Polynsian Properties, and will be a major addition to one of the largest resort complexes in New Zealand.

The resort is expected to open sometime in 2019, and it will be the largest and most modern resort in New England.

This will be Walt Disney’s newest addition in New York, after the massive, refurbished Disneyland Resort in Orlando, Florida.

It’s unclear how much of the current Polynesians Resort is being used for the new development, but there is a very good chance it will stay open, and that the new Disney Polyneese Resort will be one of many.

The Polyneses Resort will also be the third resort to be built by the Walt Disneyland Resort.

This resort was first announced in 2015, but the construction of the Polynesia Resort in 2018 was cancelled due to the economic crisis in the region.

The current Polynesia resort has a dining experience and is also expected to offer a fully restored, outdoor pool.

This new Polynesiana Resort will feature a spa and spa services, along with a fitness center and a fitness and yoga center.

This is likely one of Disney’s most exciting new resorts yet, and there is no word on when the resort will open, or what it will cost.

Disney Polynesium Resort in Florida is the next major expansion for the Walt Hollywood Studios, which includes the new Polynesia theme park, the new Hollywood Studios movie theater, and the new Magic Kingdom.

It also has a theme park experience, with a brand new ride, the Polyneas Magic Carousel.

The ride is expected at some point to open at Disneyland Resort, and possibly at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The Polynesias new resort is the first major expansion to Walt Hollywood since it opened in 2016.

This project is expected by 2018, but it is unclear when this will happen.

Disney Polynesis Resort in Georgia has been in the planning stages for a couple of years now, and was announced in October of 2016.

It has been a long time coming, and Disney has been working with local businesses to bring the resort to fruition.

The main attraction of the resort is a Disney Poly Naturist Resort, which will offer an outdoor ski area and indoor swimming pool, as well as a wellness center.

It looks like Disney is also planning to open the Polynesia Spa in 2019.

This will be Disney’s third major Polynesesian Resort, after Polynesies Hollywood Resort and Polynesius Resort.

Both of these resorts are slated to open by 2020, and they are being built using the same technology that Disney uses for the Polynyas resort.

If Disney Polynasie Resort is completed, it will add to the Polynese Resort’s total of 11 resorts in New Jersey.

It currently has seven resorts in Florida, two in Virginia, one in New Mexico, one on the island of Maui, one located in New Guinea, and one in California.

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