The best place to live in the world? Pearl River resort

It’s a title that has become a mantra for many locals who want to see the region’s natural beauty and explore its culture.

But with a price tag of $15 million, the resort is likely to be an anomaly in the country’s most expensive real estate market.

A new report by real estate research firm CBRE says Pearl River Resort is the priciest resort in the U.S. to buy in 2019.

The $15.6 million, 3,100-room resort is also home to the most luxurious amenities, including an infinity pool, indoor spa, gym, spa services and a spa that charges $100 for 15 minutes of massage.

Its price tag also puts it at the top of the list for most expensive luxury property in the nation, according to CBRE, a listing of the most expensive residential properties in the United States.

The resort was recently listed for $7.7 million in the Beverly Hills section of Beverly Hills, according the listing.

The CBRE report says that the resort’s high cost is partially due to the fact that the property has a high volume of guests, and because of the high cost of labor, the owners are unable to afford to raise rents on the property.

The listing said that the owners of the resort are working on a plan to raise the price of the property by a few hundred thousand dollars, but that there are no guarantees they will be able to do so.

The new report is the latest in a string of reports by real-estate experts that have come out in recent months.

In August, CBRE said it estimated that Pearl River was the most-expensive luxury property outside of Manhattan, and the top-most-expensive property in all of Florida.

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