Las Vegas resort guests are going to heaven, a resort spokeswoman says


— Las Vegas resorts are expected to make an exception for the most devout of attendees in their latest effort to promote tolerance, following the deaths of two men and a woman who died at their resorts in the past month.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the resort is “in the process of reviewing” a request from the Rev. John C. Hargrave, who founded the National Secular Society, to host a religious event on the grounds of the resort.

The Rev. Haggard has called for a boycott of the resorts.

He is one of several people who have criticized the religious community at the resorts for not speaking up against a growing number of incidents of hate crimes at the resort, including the shooting of a white woman and an African American man at the hotel.

“We are going there to celebrate God’s presence in our lives and our commitment to tolerance and respect,” said Nancy R. Epps, the hotel’s spokeswoman.

She said the Rev., Hargave, would speak to guests before, during and after the event, and that guests would be required to wear religious attire at the event.

The Rev. Andrew P. Johnson, a prominent member of the religious right, called the Revs.

Hager and Haggards’ decision to not participate in the religious event “a betrayal of our most fundamental values.”

The hotel is among the nation’s top destinations for Christians, whose religious communities comprise a sizable percentage of the overall population.

The National Seculular Society has called on religious leaders to speak out against the wave of violence at the venues, which are also popular with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) patrons.

In a statement Thursday, the Rev Haggart said that he was deeply saddened by the loss of life at the Las Vegas resorts.

“As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Las Vegas is not immune to the impact of hate and intolerance,” he said.

“In addition to the senseless acts of violence perpetrated by criminals, our communities and our country need a strong, unified effort to combat hate.”

Las Venenos are also known for hosting concerts and other events featuring country music stars.

A few weeks ago, country music singer David Guetta canceled a concert at the downtown resort after his wife was attacked and injured in a shooting.

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