How to get a tattoo at a spa resort

A tattoo at the spa resort where a young couple has been given a new name by a tattoo artist has sparked debate over the ethics of the practice.RTE 2/12 Spa resort with a name change A young couple at the resort, where a tattoo was given a name by the tattoo artist, have sparked debate.

The couple, who have a baby, named their baby Alanna after their parents’ maiden name, and said they wanted to have the baby’s birth named after them.

The tattoo artist said it was the first time they had ever done the tattoo.

“I didn’t know they were getting a name, I had no idea.

I just thought, well, this is great, this’s great,” the artist told the RTE 2 television programme.

The baby girl is the first baby born at the Spa Resort, which opened in April.

The hotel was the subject of a media storm last year after it was revealed that the name on the room in which the couple had been staying had been changed.

The Spa Resort was opened as a family resort with an indoor pool, a bar and an entertainment centre, but it has since closed.

It reopened in February this year after the owners said the changes were necessary due to a lack of suitable spaces.

The spa resort has become a target for online trolls who have called for its closure, with one posting on the website for a “sham” event in which they would “tear it down”.

A similar event has also been planned at the hotel.

A spokesperson for the hotel said the spa had been working with a group of volunteers who were responsible for the new name.

“We are delighted that Alanna’s name has been chosen for the spa, which has been named after her family, and are thrilled to have been a part of it,” they said.

A spa resort named after a child has been branded a ‘sham’ event by online trollsA spokesperson from the spa’s parent company, the Leuchter Hotel, said the name change had been prompted by an event last year when the hotel was criticised for the name it had chosen for a child spa, the Spa Village.

The company said it had received a number of complaints about the spa name change and had spoken to the hotel’s management team.

A spokesman for the Leachter Hotel said it wanted to make the spa “even more welcoming and welcoming to guests and to guests’ families”.

“It is absolutely not our intent to have a name controversy or anything like that, but to work to ensure the spa is even more welcoming for everyone who comes through our doors,” he said.

“Our staff and volunteers are committed to making the spa as welcoming and inclusive as possible for guests and families, and we are confident the spa will continue to be a popular destination for our guests and their families.”

A spokesperson said that the spa was not “working to change the name of our hotel”.

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